Fuel water separator 75/1000FHX

Fuel water separator 75/1000FHX
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Disel fuel filter/Water separator,Fuel water separator,Oil water separator, On and Off Highway Turbine Series Assemblies 75/1000FHX

75/1000FHX diesel turbine fuel filter is designed to protect your precious engine components from various contaminants such as dirt, rust, algae, asphaltenes, varnishes and water.

The Duplex multi-function valve allows filters to be used singularly or together, and allows servicing of one filter whilst the engine is running.

75/1000FHX marine turbine is designed to be fitted on the vacuum side of the fuel transfer pump for maximum efficiency. The turbines work through a three stage process; Separation Coalescing & Filtration explained below.

As fuel enters into the filter assembly; it moves through the turbine centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets which fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.

Small water droplets bead-up along the sides of the chamber and on the element, once heavy enough these too fall into the bottom of the collection bowl.

Algae, rust and dirt are then filtered from the fuel by the Aquabloc element, as the elements are waterproof they are much more effective and long lasting than water absorbing elements.

75/1000FHX diesel filter comes complete fitted with see-through bowls and a set of 30 micron elements. The turbine has a maximum flow rate of 1363 LPH through a port size of 7/8"-14 UNF.

Replacement elements (2020 series) are available to order with various micron ratings. 2020PM, 2020TM, 2020SM turbine elements measure 110mm diameter x 249mm high.

Maximum Flow Rate: 360 gph/1363 lph
Height: 22"/559 mm
Width: 16.5"/419 mm
Depth: 12"/305 mm
Weight: 26 lbs/11.8 kgs
Port Size Std. (Option): 3/4" NPT
Clean Pressure Drop:1.7 PSI / 11.7 kPa
Maximum Operating Pres.: 15 PSI / 103 kPa
Element: 2020sm,2020tm,2020pm
Element Rmvl. Clearance: 10" /254 mm